The Argus Continuity is a series of roleplays set in the universe of Bungie's 2014 video game Destiny. It centres around Fireteam Argus and its counterpart, Fireteam Theseus.


House of StormsEdit

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House of Storms was the first RP involving the then-unofficial Fireteam Argus. It portrayed its constituent Guardians' respective arrivals at Europa, and their mission to stop the titular Fallen house from raising an army of Exo to invade Earth, in the battle known as the Europa Incident.

The Bone WraithEdit

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The Bone Wraith was the second RP, depicting Fireteams Argus and Theseus' mission to stop the Hive cult Bones of Enxor from using their body parts of their warrior-god Enxor to resurrect him.

Moscow Incident Edit

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Moscow Incident was the third RP in the Argus Continuity, and the first to be hosted on this site. It depicted Fireteam Argus and their struggle to stop the House of Wind from acquiring Golden Age technology, which would be used to destroy the Traveler. Due to inactivity, the RP remains unfinished and most of its events have been retconned. These events were later told in The Red Capital.

The Repetitive Mind Edit

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The Repetitive Mind is the current RP in the Argus Continuity, showcasing a deadly struggle between Fireteam Argus and a massive Vex incursion. Their goal is to defeat the central antagonist, the titular Repetitive Mind, who threatens to undo every victory against the Vex.

A Dying Flame Edit

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A Dying Flame was an Argus Continuity RP, with a different spin on telling the tale. It focused on the various Fallen Houses and their constant games of conquest, as well as the conflict between the House of Storms and House of Flames. Due to inactivity, this RP remains unfinished.

From the Ashes Edit

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From the Ashes was a spin-off RP that took place in the Argus Continuity, but without using any of the original characters. It told the tale of a band of newly resurrected Guardians and their battle to survive long enough to make it back to The City. Due to inactivity, this RP remains unfinished.