Baryos Nitran
Biographical information




Appalachian Mountains, Earth




1.98 kilograms

Hair color:

Dark brown

Eye color:


Skin color:


Political and military information


  • The Golden Age
  • The City Age



Voidwalker Warlock



""I was surprised too. Didn't make any sense that my Ghost chose me to wake up. My entire family gunned down by looters. My dad was always the strongest, smartest. But... Lia must have seen something in my corpse.""-Baryos to Arxus Essal, shortly after meeting Fireteam Argus for the first time

Baryos Nitran was a Human Voidwalker Warlock who was involved in the Europa Incident and the battles against the Bones of Enxor. He was part of Fireteam Argus.


Pre-Collapse Edit

Shortly before the Collapse, Baryos' father, Remus, sold stock for Glimmer, then moved to a secluded hideaway in the Appalachian Mountains. Soon after this, his parents had a daughter, with whom he became close and very protective. She was named Artemis, and she was very independent, frequently criticizing Baryos. However, their bunker was besieged by a wandering group of vagabonds called the Nomads. Eventually, their whole family was killed off. Baryos' failures within that short time nearly drove him insane after he became a Guardian, leaving him with a severe case of PTSD.

The Europa IncidentEdit

Baryos was employed by Dead Orbit for a mission to kill a Hive target on Europa whilst the rest of Fireteam Argus attempted to fight the House of Storms. After being heavily wounded in a Hive ambush, he escaped on his Sparrow to find the Ice Cave where Argus was hiding. He was nursed to health, and then went on to battle the Storms with Argus.

Ceres Incident Edit

Baryos stayed as a part of Fireteam Argus when the group was divided, creating the ill-fated Fireteam Theseus. While Theseus went to the Moon to stop the Bones of Enxor from retrieving one of the last Bones needed to resurrect Enxor, Baryos and Argus engaged in a dogfight with a swarm of Coffins, a special class of Hive fighter ships. As Varrus Vass' ship, the Draught of Nectar, was shot down, Baryos flew down to the surface of Ceres to salvage as many of his belongings as possible.

When Theseus returned several members short, Baryos became enraged. He quickly planned a siege on The Darkbringer's Frigate. He detonated an explosive, blowing a hole in the Frigate's hull, then crashed through it. He made his way through the ship, killing invading Hive and Trinary cultists along the way. Baryos made his way to the ship's Bridge, where he found the Darkbringer and engaged in combat. Although he hadn't been the one to kill the Darkbringer, Bayros managed to put the Dark One into some sort of trauma-induced state, allowing another member of Argus to easily execute him. Following the demise of Enxor, Bayros parted ways with Fireteam Argus and hasn't been seen since.

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