Cursed War


Vault of Glass

Battle of Old Seattle


Seattle Incident




Seattle, Washington, Former United States


Guardian victory, Sylus Marx killed; heavy Fallen causalities, Kell of Veils killed, House of Veils sent into hiding


House of Veils

Fireteam Black


Arkanz, the Invisible

Sylus Marx

The Battle of Old Seattle was a two week war between the House of Veils and the Guardians of Fireteam Black. During it, the House of Veils attempted to mount a large offensive against the Last City by securing a rail-gun cannon that once belonged to a complex Golden Age defense network.

Forces Edit

House of Veils Edit

The House of Veils had holed themselves up in Seattle, shortly after wiping out the remnants of the Cursed Brood Hive sect. Guardian scouts were able to ascertain their motives, which had been that they sought to take control of a rail cannon, and destroy the Traveler with it.

However, the House of Veils proved to be more crafty than most Houses. Far before the House of Wolves ever broke out from the Prison of Elders, the House of Veils employed heavy use of stealth technology and guerrilla warfare, often striking when least expected. Ambushes were commonplace, and the House of Veils utilized as many dishonorable and vile tactics as they could to assure they had the upper hand.

Fireteam Black Edit

At the time of the Battle for Old Seattle, Fireteam Black was comprised of: Arxus Essal, Providence-47, Vandyn Cruz, Emperor-19, Brian Banks and Sylus Marx as Fireteam leader. Each Guardian was handpicked by Sylus himself, each representing different strengths and weaknesses among the entire force of the Guardians. As such, Sylus took care to have a balanced fireteam, with two Titans, two Hunters and two Warlocks.

Each of them were extremely experienced in their respective fields, save for Arxus, who had only recently begun his tutelage under Sylus. Arxus proved to be more than up to the challenge, however. By no means did he ever hold back his team, and for the majority of the battle, Fireteam Black proved to have immense synergy.

Events Edit

Trivia Edit

The events of the Battle for Old Seattle are shown in detail in Dasleo's series of blogs, Operation: Lift the Veil.

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