Easy Company was the special Exo Task Force Sauron-145 created after the loss of his Light to Karak. All members of the team (except Sauron) died in a suicide attack against the Hive Fleet guarding Ceres.

Task Force OrganizationEdit

  • Sauron-145, commander. (deceased)
  • Karak, second in-command. (deceased)
  • Gabe-81, captain of the Fist of Mordor. (deceased)
  • Echo-142, lead rifleman. (deceased)
  • Arkady-87, rifleman. (deceased)
  • Pyle-63, rifleman. (deceased)
  • Rainer-22, rifleman. (deceased)
  • Freya-30, rifleman. (deceased)
  • Carter-10, rifleman. (deceased)
  • Ripley-50, rifleman. (deceased)
  • Hudson-426, rifleman. (deceased)
  • Vasquez-43, rifleman. (deceased)


  • Easy Company was created by user Sauron190, after the other members of the roleplay refused him command over Fireteams Argus and Theseus.

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