Biographical information






1.98 meters


123.3 kilograms

Hair color:


Eye color:

Piercing orange

Skin color:

Pure black plating, spotted with dried blood

Political and military information


  • The Collapse
  • The City Age


  • Vanguard
  • Fireteam Black
    ( formerly )


Warlock Sunsinger


  • Time on Target
  • Invective
  • MG18A Harm's Way ( Arc )


  • Heart of the Praxic Fire
"Fuck you, Sylus. You think you hold authority over me because you’re a hero of Twilight Gap? I could burn you to ash if I felt it… I wouldn’t feel bad at all."-Emperor-19 telling Sylus Marx how he truly feels about him

Emperor-19 was an Exo Warlock, and a former member of Fireteam Black during the events of the Battle of Old Seattle. His current whereabouts are unknown, and he has been presumed deceased.

Biography Edit

Post-Collapse Edit

Alike any other Guardian, Emperor-19 awoke when his Ghost first found him. This was in the ruins of Old Chicago, where the House of Devils had laid claim. Forced to crawl out of a pile of his former brethren, Emperor was traumatized the minute he was resurrected. With the help from his Ghost and a few other Guardians he met along the way, Emperor was able to stem the tide of Devils that grew forth from Old Chicago, long enough for him to find a jumpship and escape. With coordinates provided by his Ghost, the two were eventually able to locate the Last City.

Emperor was inducted into the Warlock Order as a Sunsinger, and hardly knew what any of it entailed at the time. Immensely naive, it took many long years of training before Emperor could properly handle the powers he had only just discovered. However, Emperor learned fairly quickly and from the best, being tutored by Ikora Rey herself and several other prominent members of the Warlock Order. Perhaps they saw some sort of potential in him, that he couldn't quite yet see in himself. Soon, he would realize just how powerful and capable a Guardian he really was.

Return to Old Chicago Edit

Battle of Old Seattle Edit

Disappearance Edit