The House of Wind is an ancient and relatively unknown house, with numbers far less any other Fallen House. Despite being small, the House of Wind has been known to be crafty, taking what limited resources they can gather and using them to their full benefit. The House of Wind has a strong hold over the ruins of Old Moscow, which they attempt to harness old Golden Age technology.

History Edit

Little is known of the House of Wind, but not because of secrecy but rather, lack of any activity worthy of note. The House of Wind has proven to be nothing more than a scavenger house, only serving to seek what they need for survival and in doing so, leaving any Guardians alone. Of recently, something has caused them to start digging through old Golden Age caches in Moscow. The purpose of this still remains unknown, but it cannot be anything good.

Notable Winds Edit

  • Yuriks, Wind Kell
  • Reliks Prime (Deceased)
  • Voriss, Wind Archon
  • Dorxis, Wind Captain


The House of Wind was featured prominently in Moscow Incident, and the events of said story were retold in FireDrag1091's series of blogs, The Red Capital.

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