Veil Warden
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  • The Dark Age
  • The City Age


House of Veils




  • Veil Warden
  • The Butcher




  • Shrapnel Launcher
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Slightly reinforced Captain armor, wrapped with purple cloth



"You see now, Guardians. You see the futility of your ways. I can break you just like any other creature. You are not immune. You are not immortal. Your life is in my hands."-Iviks, after killing Emperor-19

Iviks, Veil Warden was the head of the House of Veils' prison, as well as a cruel and sadistic butcher. He was responsible for killing most of Syrakis' House, under Arkanz's orders. Iviks was eventually killed by Fireteam Black and Syrakis, after being thrown into the prison's cistern.

Biography Edit

The Falling Edit

During the Battle of Twilight Gap, Iviks was among those who coordinated ambushes on unsuspecting Guardian fireteams. Aided by his fellow Fallen, Iviks managed to rack up a high body count, most of which were left unaccounted for, due to the discretion of their operations. Though, due to Syrakis and his House refusing to help, and other, unforeseen circumstances, the Fallen lost the battle. Syrakis and his House were imprisoned, and Iviks was put in charge as the Veils' Warden.

Following the Cursed War, Iviks was stationed at the Veils' prison, where he tortured and maimed much of Syrakis' House, often killing them right in front of him. During this, Iviks also cut off Syrakis' leg, forcing him to wear a peg leg as a replacement. Due to his status as the Warden and his previous exploits during the Battle of Twilight Gap, Iviks earned the nickname "The Butcher". He proved to be almost as sadistic as Arkanz himself.

Battle of Old Seattle Edit

Iviks remained stationed at the prison, continuing his day to day of torturing and killing prisoners, which included members of rival Fallen Houses and humans unlucky enough to try and scavenge in Seattle. Most humans who were imprisoned never survived past the first week. When Fireteam Black became involved in the death of Uriks, they were soon apprehended by the Unseen. Now in the care of Iviks, he took to torturing Sylus first, though amounted to little but punching him in the face quite a lot before being called away. Upon his return, he discovered that Fireteam Black had overtaken the prison, and thus he decided to kill them once and for all.

Emperor-19 foolishly attempted to attack Iviks head-on, and Iviks quickly dealt with the Warlock by snapping him in half. Though, coordinated attacks from the rest of the fireteam, most of which using their Super abilities, caused Iviks to fall off the prison platform, nearly plummeting into the depths below. Holding on by just his hands, Syrakis took his revenge by stabbing Iviks in his hands, causing him to drop below and meet his demise.