Lightbane is an abnormally large Knight's Cleaver, once belonging to Gerdok the Cursed, leader of the Cursed Brood. After Gerdok was eventually slain, Lightbane was claimed by Ernaz as a trophy of his victory.

Appearance Edit

Lightbane appears as an abnormally large Knight's Cleaver, which always pulsates with some odd and unknown Hive magic. Although inert when idle, Lightbane comes to life in the presence of living flesh, specifically any who have come under the influence of the Darkness at some point or another. This glow it holds shares an eerie red glow to it, and the blade itself is covered in Hive runes from hilt to tip. When formerly wielded by Gerdok, it was said that the cleaver held particular properties that related to Gerdok's title of Cursed, though such mysteries remain as just that. Now under control of Ernaz, the Kell of Veils has made several modifications to the blade; the handle is wrapped up with a thick leather grip, making for easier handling, and a sheath to mask the sword's dark energies when not in use.

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