Lupo Mind
Biographical information




No Gender

Eye color:


Skin color:

Silver metal hull

Political and military information


  • The Dark Age
  • The City Age


Lupo Prohibition




  • Stasis Hammer
  • Powerful limbs for smashing targets


  • Thick Vex-made composite metal
  • Impenetrable shielding, only disabled by its' own weaponry
"Would be careful what you say, you don't have the best of luck when you open your mouth."-Pariah to Arxus, right before encountering the Lupo Mind

The Lupo Mind was a powerful Vex Minotaur encountered during the events of The Repetitive Mind. Fireteam Argus was forced into a battle with the intimidating Minotaur, while attempting their escape from Labyrinth's Maw on Mercury. Belonging to the Lupo Prohibition, the Lupo Mind boasted a modified Torch Hammer that could launch stasis fields, freezing enemies in time bubbles. On top of this, the Lupo Mind utilized a nigh-impenetrable energy shield, which seemed to deflect rounds from any conventional firearms.

The Lupo Mind was defeated after Fenrir managed to disable the Minotaur's shield with his Shadowshot; both Arxus and Avori decided on a plan to defeat it once and for all, and used the Lupo Mind's Stasis Hammer to trap various projectiles in a stasis field. When released, it blasted the Lupo Mind and destroyed it for good.

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