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1.80 meters


83 kilograms

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  • Dark Age
  • The City Era


  • Vanguard
  • Iron Lords
  • Fireteam Seraph




Stoneborn, Defender


  • Fireteam Commander
  • Veteran


  • Vision of Confluence
  • Chaparone
  • The Titanium Orchid


  • Radegast
Silver-78 is a male Exo Defender Titan and  a member of the Stoneborn order of Titans. Astonishingly, Silver-78 is considered one of the oldest Risen in history; as he was once known as Silver-77, a Warlord during the Dark Age.

Biography Edit

Resurrection Edit

Not much is known of Silver-78's initial resurrection, though it is believed he was Risen some few hundred years before the Iron Lords formed. He was revived by his Ghost, which he nicknamed 'Gold', who has stood by him ever since such resurrection took place.

Dark AgeEdit

During the Dark Age, post-collapse; Silver-78 was known as Silver-77 and was also notorious for being a Tyranical Warlord somewhere within Old Russia, presumably where the House of Devils kept their Pseudo-God 'Sepiks Prime' in modern times. However, after watching someone close to him die, he experienced a traumatic event during battle with the Iron Lords, hence causing a total memory wipe and a new title of Silver-78. Felwinter initially wanted Silver dead, however Saladin stepped in and saw an opportunity to gain a new Iron Lord at their side, an Iron Lord without past- only future. A future of Light. He wa sthen taken under the wing of Radegast, the famed Iron Lord whom formed the Order.

City AgeEdit

After the Iron Lords Fall some few hundred years before the present Destiny Timeline, Silver-78 was presumed to be dead at the Hands of SIVA under the control of Rasputin- however, this was not the case as Silver-78 was not alongside the other Iron Lords in order to gather SIVA as a weapon against the Darkness; but rather on his own with so few others at the once Prestigious Iron Temple. When it was thought that the mass gathering of Iron Lords attempting to take SIVA were dead, and the few other Risen with Silver-78 had left- Silver was left waiting at the Iron Temple, alone, for 3 days and 3 nights he waited, until finally a singular man approached the temple; battletorn and weak, Saladin. Saladin told Silver that he had to find a new path, until order was restored. Silver-78 was reluctant at First, however eventually was convinced to march alone- and so he did. In the Wilds, Silver-78 was known as a rumour, a shadow, and a protector of the weak, until eventually the Last City was formed, and Guardians Gathered. In present times, Silver-78 is a Guardian of the Last City, a member of the Stoneborn order, a Surviving Iron Lord and a Titan filled with light, he operates in a 3 man fireteam consisting of Teressa Vae and Ren Stanton- a Warlock and Hunter also of the last City.

City's FallEdit

During the fall of the Last City and the Tower, home of the Guardians- Silver awoke to mass chaos and a Cabal invasion. When he left his quarters he found the entire city to be in shambles, and an entire Cabal fleet looming over- he came into contact with multiple Cabal legionaries along with others he had not seen before. He quickly brought these foe down and sought to contact Zavala, he was told to help civillians escape the city to transports elseware and obviously did so.

After the city had already seemingly fallen, Silver-78 along with many other Guardians made their way to the European deadzone and began to rebuild small townships there, and discuss ways to combat the Red Legion and take back the Last City.


Silver-78 is known to be a kind, wise person- this is mainly due to the amount of time he's spent alive and the things he's done. His hobbies include fashioning armor from his fallen foe, weaponsmithing and eating Spicy Ramen. Notably, Silver has a keen interest in the Vex and Osiris, hoping to one day meet Osiris- he spends much of his free time in contact with Brother Vance at the Vestian Outpost. He also spends a large portion of his time tracking down the House of Kings' Heirarchy so that he may estimate their numbers, and how much of a threat they will be.


  • Silver and Gold on Venus
  • Silver Training on Venus
  • Silver and Gold.

Trivia Edit

  • Silver-78 is the main character of user Hey its Silver
  • The artist 'Pherian' Drew Silver-78, as seen in the gallery

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