The Gate Lord
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  • The Collapse
  • The Dark Age
  • The City Age


  • Vex
  • Lupo Prohibition


Gate Lord


  • Arc Hammer


  • Standard Gate Lord armor, bolstered by reflective plating

"If Tityos is among them, then they already know we're in here."-Arxus, regarding the Gate Lord being aware of Argus' presence
Tityos is a Vex Gate Lord belonging to the Lupo Prohibition, and one of the most powerful Vex there short of The Repetitive Mind itself. Being of such a high ranking, Tityos was charged with guarding the Reverse Citadel, located on Mercury's surface. Tityos utilizes reflective plating; something able to turn back most projectiles with ease. The Gate Lord mostly carries around a modified Torch Hammer called an Arc Hammer; instead of concussive Void blasts, the Arc Hammer fires off energy in an arc. The projectile attaches itself to whatever it comes in contact with, before exploding shortly afterwards.

During the events of the Mercury Incident, Tityos came to blows with Fireteam Argus at the Reverse Citadel; despite seemingly thwarting the Gate Lord's plan, both the Fireteam and Tityos were thrust back into the past, in the days during the Vex's initial invasion of Mercury. Through a tough fight, Argus was able to fight off the Gate Lord; later on, it returned with an army of Vex from that era, facing off one final time with Fireteam Argus at the Icarus Warmind facility. Tityos met its end at the Icarus facility, after being severely crippled by the conjoined assault of Fireteam Argus.

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