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  • Dasleo

    Such a blow was struck, that it would be felt for miles to come. As Arxus hammered his fist into the rail cannon, it was thrust downward and thus, in this single act, catastrophe had been averted. The rail cannon’s final blast detonated down in the valley below, before shutting off for good. Silence fell upon the ruins of Seattle, just as it had on the day it fell. While Fireteam Black had every right to celebrate this hard-earned victory, it left a sense of dread behind. Something could be felt, something that would undoubtedly be their undoing; or, at the very least, one of their numbers. The House of Veils would act swift and without mercy, showing that there were consequences to the Guardians’ actions. Fireteam Black had let their guar…

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  • Dasleo

    Midnight; not a soul pressed through the ruins of Seattle any longer. Much of the House of Veils had already been laid to waste, but there laid more one, desperate plan; one more juncture until the end. The clouds gathered, as if the heavens would bear witness to the events that were about to unfold; events that would surely mean salvation, or catastrophic defeat. The final chapter was about to unfold.

    Arkanz grumbled to himself, making seldom utterances of joy as his plans had come to fruition. He made constant modifications to his weapon, all to make sure that it would fire again when it was time. This he knew, that time would be soon again. Surely, the vermin had not survived the Needle’s explosion. Even if they had, they would be weak. …

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  • Dasleo

    Operation: Lift the Veil XV

    February 3, 2017 by Dasleo

    7 months ago…

    Sylus stood at the Tower Walk by himself; the events of Twilight Gap were still fresh in his mind, despite happening so long ago. Sylus wondered what would have happened, had things progressed differently. He knew it to be true that no one could consider it to be something of a victory; it was more so a loss for everyone. He gazed out over the mountainous region beyond the Tower, beholden to the natural beauty of the landscape. In a way, it reminded him of what he was fighting for. Even after the Collapse, humanity continued to thrive in some aspect. The City represented the last, true bastion of that ideal, that freedom away from the Darkness.

    “I had suspected you would be up here.” A voice called out from behind Sylus. It was…

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  • Dasleo

    Operation: Lift the Veil XIV

    January 28, 2017 by Dasleo

    Darkness descended over the city of Seattle. A deep hatred permeated the air, filling the lungs of any who breathed it. It was noticeable. The Kell of Veils’ plan was entering its’ final hour, as Arkanz marched ever closer to his ultimate goal. Surely, his success would bring forth radical change, the likes of which could turn the world on its head. Surely, he had to be stopped. Fireteam Black made their final approach to the Veils’ Den, high above the blackened city streets. It would be here that the world would bear witness to one final struggle; one that would not only decide the fate of Fireteam Black and the House of Veils, but humanity as well.

    The Fallen had long since abandoned their posts surrounding the Space Needle. The dishevele…

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  • Dasleo

    Deep in the heart of the old Seattle ruins, disaster was brewing. A being of contempt, the Kell of Veils, had been devising a plot that would most assuredly bring about radical change. While the Kell continues to plot and bring his plans to full fruition, Fireteam Black had arrived in the ruins of an old, Golden Age bank. The Fallen forces here rallied a checkpoint, disallowing any to pass any further. Although Fireteam Black did not know it yet, they were entering a race against time.

    Thunder boomed outside, and lightning flashed across the sky, creating a temporary light source that blinked through holes in the ceiling. The storm itself was a fearsome presence, and it only intensified as time passed ever forward. The House of Veils had ma…

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