Are you ready?

Ready as I'll ever be...

Are you sure? Once the operation is complete you will never be able to return to your former-

Just do it already! You need a guinea pig and I have nothing to lose.

If that is how you truly feel... Begin test 11C!


I opened my eyes. 

Well, that's not exactly true. More like, I turned them on. It took a second, but eventually they adjusted to the light, letting me take in my surroundings. 

I was in a large concrete room with a high ceiling covered in dangling wires. I was strapped to a table, felt cuffs held my wrists, ankles, and torso tight against a cold metal table. An overhead light shone brightly about a foot above my head.

"Oh. You're awake."

The voice was deep and resonating, thoughtful and almost surprised. 

I turned my head to get a look at the voice's owner.

A pale man, hairless except for a thick greying beard that began above his ears and ended at his collarbones. He was dressed in a white labcoat, bown pants almost melted with thr brown shirt under his coat. His eyes were blue and creased with smile wrinkles near their edges.

"Hello. I am Doctor Grin", he pronounced his last name like one would the color of the trees that would likely be found outside. "I take it that you are Xor, the new Exo-human people around here are talking about."

I didn't remember that.

"I hope your arrival was pleasant."

I didn't remember that either...

I opened my mouth, servos whirring as I made the movement, "I... Do not remember... Where am I?"

He chuckled, "Ah, yes. They did tell me that amnesia might be a side effect of the procedure." He cleared his throat, "This is room A-113 in the newest H.P. facility. You arrived at about Three o' clock PM Earth-time yesterday."

I nodded, although I still didn't remember.

"What am I here for?", I asked.

He answered, "You are here for a very important reason. You are here to save humanity, a new way to continue living after our natrual time limit has been reached"

He was speaking of death.

"How will I save humanity?"

He hesitated, seeming to choose his words carefully.

"If you are successful, which, so far you have been. You will be proof that what we seek can and will save us..."

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