The ogre charged, I took a few cautious steps back before holstering my hand cannon and bolting away down the tunnel. I gasped as I ran, very quickly finding myself out of breath but unable to stop on account of the humongous monster following closely behind me.

The tunnel sloped downwards, much to my disappointment. I leaped forward out over the slope, landing in a roll so I could flawlessly rise again to continue running.

I glanced behind himself to see if I was still being pursued...

Big mistake...

The ogre chose that exact moment to lash out with a bloated arm, knocking the me off my feet and sending me flying down the rocky corridor.

I cried out in pain as I hit the ground, rolling several feet until I finally came to a stop on the cave floor. I groaned and looked up to see the ogre was practically on top of me.

Thinking quickly, I jumped into a crouch and hurled myself between the legs of the hive abomination. It roared and began to turn around.


I grinned as the grenade I had stuck to the Ogre's backside detonated, leaving a small sizzling crater in the ugly flesh.

Unfortunately for the me, this only seemed to make it even angrier.

So it was back to running then...

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