The Bone Champion
Biographical information






2.4 meters


145.6 kilograms

Eye color:


Skin color:

Pale, crusty skin underneath chitin

Political and military information


The City Age





  • Knight Cleaver
  • Hive Boomer
  • A cadre of Dark Wizards


Common Knight chitin, enhanced with Enxor's blessing and warded with Hive magic


"To slay the Bone Wraith, into the Dark you go."-Zakrak's final words, before his death

Zakrak, Bone Champion was the commander of the Bones of Enxor, acting on behalf of Enxor in his absence; Zakrak was also leader of the Bone Zealots, the elite forces of the Hive sect. From the safety of Enxor's Fortress, Zakrak commanded the Hive fleet to stop the Darkbringer and Argus from reaching the fortress. Failing to stop both of them, Zakrak personally confronted Fireteam Argus in the heart of the Fortress; he boasted how he was invincible and carried with him the might of Enxor himself. With him came a coven of black Wizards, hidden in the darkness of the fortress and healing the champion, thus preventing his death.

Death Edit

When Argus discovered the source of Zakrak's spontaneous healing, they quickly were able to destroy the Wizards and render Zakrak mortal again. With their magic no longer sustaining him, he succumbed to his injuries and finally perished. In his death throes, he merely laughed and said how still had one more challenge to undertake. With Zakrak stalling Fireteam Argus, Enxor's ritual was able to be completed, and thus the Hive God was awakened once again. Fireteam Argus was forced to face Enxor at his full might.

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